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Sabbath Day

May 27, 2011

OK. A day in review. (A sabbath day during vacation)

For the first time in a month our whole family woke up together in our house. (Noelle has been in NJ caring for her mother, Diane, who died on Sunday. We are grateful that she was able to accompany her mother through these last days, and we are grateful she is home with us now.) 

Before I woke up, mom and August had epic battles with the new royal and knightly action figures August and I bought during our visit to The Cloisters yesterday. 9:00 am brought August to pre-school, Noelle to writing an obituary, and me to a fecund reading session in my office and out of sight (I am on vacation). On the menu were Ricouer, Frei, Dorrien, Tanner, Kierkegaard, and Kearney. Initial sketches for the sermon for June 5.

Noontime brought August home to play with mom, and Jeff to the hospital and pastoral visits. (Yes, I’m on vacation, but certain pastoral visits take priority over everything. A good man will probably die tonight.)

Thai food for dinner, with Cold Stone for dessert, and a meander through the city for August on dad’s shoulders. Post-bedtime conversation with Noelle about ‘truth in theology’ and a reading of her mom’s obituary. A glass of wine, Barth, Brueggemann and Emmanuel Levinas.  Prayers and bed! 

Ironic Sabbath Wisdom, from Anthony D Mello, SJ:

“What action shall I perform to attain God?” the seeker asked.

“To attain God,” the elder replied, “there are two things you must know. The first is that all efforts to attain God are of no avail.”

“And the second?” the seeker asked.

“You must act as if you did not know the first,” the elder said.

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