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Shared Summer Sabbath Days are the Best!

June 16, 2011
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This is the first week of August’s summer vacation. We decided to spend my first summer sabbath day at Playland Park in Rye, NY. Playland is ten minutes from our house. That’s right, ten minutes. Playland sits on the water at the edge of the the Long Island Sound, and has been around since 1927. Some of the attractions are still originals.

Noelle was able to join us today, so we had a family fun day on roller coasters, log flumes, race cars, the hall of mirrors, the hot air balloon ride, the high flyer, and the Haunted Mill. Playland even has a pretty cool and really fast roller coaster just for folks August’s age and size which they ride themselves. He looked so grown up as he ran himself up the ramp, got in his car, bickled his safety belt, and rode the coaster with his arms in the air and ahuge smile on his face (not captured by the photo – that’s August in the front car.).

We had the goodness of Nathan’s hot dogs for lunch, cotton candy (while watching the juggler), and finished with pepperoni pizza for dinner.

We come home tired, happy, and with slight sunburns. But we experienced the park for our first time while beating the real summer crowds, and we are now the proud owners of season passes. (Anyone like to join us next time?)

Back at home, Sir August challenged the neighboring Knight Matthew and Lilly the Warrior Princess to a battle with swords and javelins.  But he retired from the field early, and fell asleep saying “I love you Dad.” 

We never even made it to our evening prayers. So I will lift up this entire day of joy with thanksgiving, and say, “Amen” and “goodnight.”

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