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Sabbath Day

August 4, 2011

This will be a sabbath day – kinda. 

August has been attending Camp Padawak at George Washington School this week, the school he will attend in the fall as a kindergartner. We have been establishing new family routines that will serve us well in the fall, which means it has been an emotional, anxious and somewhat stressful week, but one with far reaching and lasting effects

Camp ends at 2:30, and since Noelle is in Louisville this week, that has meant shortened days for me in the church office. I have been in bed every evening by 7:00, though have not always stayed in bed. On Monday night I (we, August and I) actually slept for 11 hours.

All of which is to say: I will spend the morning at the church office tomorrow finishing up some needed work. I have promised myself at least two hours with a book and a cup of coffe before camp lets out, and the remainder of the day will be spent with August preparing for Noelle’s return and our upcoming vacation.

This will be a sabbath day – kinda.  But it has already been a great week full of very special time with August (he suddenly want to learn how to read, and is making astonishingly quick progress) and adequate rest.  The tasks waiting in the office will actually be a joy to finish.

I am acutely aware this week that God is the Lord of time and our times. Isn’t that what the practice of sabbath is supposed to remind us anyway?

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  1. August 5, 2011 2:27 am

    Alrighty then. When I dropped August off at camp this morning, I told him that I was going to spend a couple of hours at the church. He said to me, “Dad. this is your sabbath day. Sabbath means NO WORK. You need a sabbath day every week.”

    Wow!! A sermon before 8:30 from a five year old. And right on.

    So … I admit … I lied!

    I told August I would read a book instead, and drink coffee, rather tha go to wrok. Instead, I went to my office, finished the bulletin for Sunday worship, finished the Adult Education 2011-2012 brochure, enjoyed a tour of the SEIU Local 1199 offices, wrote a blog, met with a member of the Education Commission, and wrote a few very important emails.

    But while I can justify this to myself, the clarity of a five year old haunts me.

    Mea Culpa. (which does not mean “excuse me” but means, “I will try my best not do do this again!”)

    As a result, I extended little one’s day by three hours past his scheduled bedtime in order to enjoy an extended evening at Rye Playland Park. This was the culmination of a phenomenal week of growth on his part and, I must say, on mine.

    I thank you God for most this amazing day!

    Next on the Sabbath Day agenda: what does sabbath mean when on vacation?

    [if I could possibly forget, someone please remind me to post the wisdom of a five year old onthe relationship between practicing generosity and the experience of “touching God.” Does anyone really wonder whether the church can transform lives.?]

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