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Sabbath Day

November 3, 2011

A Day of Rest: Slept in, for an extra 20 minutes. 🙂  Read “The History of my Heart” by former poet Laureate Robert Pinsky with my morning coffee. Then took August to school.

Spent my morning reading medieval literary theory. Took a break to read Aristotle for lunch.

Made a hospital visit in the afternoon, then poked around with St. Paul’s metaphor of ‘slavery as salvation’ in 1 Corinthians 9 using Dale Martin’s book. (substantial parts of the Corinthian Correspondence are in the lectionary this coming year.) And back to medieval lit. theory.

Noelle and I picked up August and played on the playground for a while, while talking about her writing. Ordered in from Haiku for dinner. Discovered some old books in the attic which haven’t been seen since our move. Noelle is downstairs reading with August – I just took a 15 minute nap – completely unintentional.

It is now bedtime for August. Maybe when we fall asleep, I just won’t get back up.

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