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Sabbath Day – Thanksgiving

November 24, 2011

So grateful today for my faith community and the very moving service of worship we shared together last evening, and for my family here, there and everywhere.

My mother is with Noelle and August and me for Thanksgiving. Family runs from here down to New Jersey, through Ohio and Illinois all to the way to San Francisco and then down to Arizona, Texas, Florida and back up by way of Tennesee and Kentucky.

Wishing you all a happy thanksgiving and a sense of gratitude for all that really matters. Praying for those who are alone, not by choice or decision. Praying for those in difficult family situations, where anger, grief or abuse make this day difficult. Praying for those who cannot go home.

 As The Rev. Dr. Traci West points out, “Individuals who suffer abuse at the hands of family members may wonder why they should feel thankful to God.” In her contribution on Thanksgiving in Preaching God’s Transforming Justice West highlights the importance of congregations (and blogs) providing “an opportunity to give thanks for God’s attention to their anguish and insistence on their entitlement and well-being.” Especially on this day.

For all those who will cry or cry out today, Psalm 126 is a reminder that your tears matter to God, and God wills the restoration of your dignity.

When the LORD changed Zion’s

circumstances for the better,

it was like we had been dreaming.

Our mouths were suddenly filled

with laughter;

our tongues were filled

with joyful shouts.

It was even said, at that time,

among the nations,

“ The LORD has done great things

for them! ”

Yes, the LORD has done great things for us,

and we are overjoyed.

LORD , change our circumstances

for the better,

like dry streams in the desert waste!

Let those who plant with tears

reap the harvest with joyful shouts.

Let those who go out,

crying and carrying their seed,

come home with joyful shouts,

carrying bales of grain!

 The translation uses here is from the new Common English Bible.

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