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Sabbath Day – Preaching God’s Transforming Justice

December 8, 2011

Four items today.

First, I spent time today reading a new book, The Meaning of the Bible: What the Jewish Scriptures and Christian Old Testament Can Teach Us, co-authored by Douglas A. Knight and Amy-Jill Levine. I have read, enjoyed and learned from both authors in the past, and I never miss a chance to hear A.J. lecture or speak. The book is a delightfully easy read (Harper Collins Publishers) covering everything one might imagine in an introductory college course. I heard A.J. speak at the Society of Biblical Literature a few weeks ago, on the challenges and demands of writing scholarship for a popular audience. But I’m pouring through this one now because A.J. is coming to lecture in White Plains later this spring. (more details here when I have them). Don’t forget, if you shop, do so through our church website to contribute to our ministry and mission.

Second, took a trip to the hardware store a got supplies to insulate a few doors and windows in the house. Sitting warm now, and saving money. 🙂

Third, I’ve got a new project. I’m editing the facebook fan site for Preaching God’s Transforming Justice: A Lectionary Commentary (Year B). The commentary provides justice based reflections on all four readings for every Sunday, plus 22 new Holy Days for Justice. These days are intended to enlarge the church’s awareness of the depth and insistence of God’s call for justice and of the many ways that call comes to the church and world today. The Holy Days for Justice include Universal Declaration of Human Rights, World Aids Day, Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, Asian American Heritage Day, International Women’s Day, Salt March Day (Marching with the Poor), Oscar Romero of the Americas Day, Cesar Chavez Day, Earth Day, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Peace in the Home: Shalom Bayit, Juneteeth: Let Freedom Ring, Gifts of Sexuality and Gender, Fourth of July: Seeking Liberty and Justice for All, Sojourner Truth Day, Simchat Torah: Joy of the Torah, International Day of Prayer and Witness for Peace, Peoples Native to the Americas Day, World Communion Sunday, Night of Power, Childrens Sabbaths. 

Visit and “LIKE” the fan page for the book to receive weekly thoughts on God’s life-giving intention for our life together.

Finally, I took two short naps today! Blessed sabbath.

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