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Sabbath Day

December 26, 2011

This post is a couple of days late, but it is an obligation – to myself – to record my sabbath experiences on this blog. I had the stomach flu last week, which kept me home one day and away from both congregational and family preparations for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Thus, I did end up spend part of my Thursday sabbath day finishing bulletins. (That plan would only have taken an hour or two if not for the difficulties with our copy machines. two hours became five).

My prayer time was focused on a re-reading of our Athanasian and Nicene theology, particularly the coherent treatment of Athanasius in Empire – The Christian Tradition: New Readings of Classical Theologians, edited by Kwok Pui-lan, Don Compier and Joerg Rieger. Building on a prevously published piece by The Rev. Noelle Damico, these prayerful thoughts would become the center of my Christmas Eve meditation for 11:00 – a meditation derived from Athanasius’ On the Incarnation, Anslem’s Why God Became Flesh, and the contemporary global hunger crisis (with statistics from Bread for the World). Utterly orthodox and incredibly challenging.

Early to bed was the order the day, so that I could restore my constitution while my partner finished our family’s Christmas shopping.

This really is a record of how I worked nine hours last Thursday. I do owe myself, and the One who called me to this work, a sabbath day. Until then, I will include a (-1) at the end of each sabbath post.

Blessings on this day of rest (Christmas Monday) which many of us share.

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