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Sabbath Day

December 30, 2011

I spent the first and last parts of my sabbath day with two books on the Reformed Tradition. The first is Ravished By Beauty: The Surprising Legacy of Reformed Spirituality by Belden Lane. I discovered this book at the SBL/AAR this year. The author offers for Calvin, the Puritans, Edwards and others what Margaret Miles offered for Augustine (Desire and Delight: A New Reading of Augustine’s Confessions): a spirituality of Desire. Only Lane highlights the resources for a particularly Green spirituality. I recommend this book for those who desire to know God anew and to reconnect with the best resources in a strong tradition. I would love to talk about this book with interested persons.

The second book is Philip Benedict’s Christ’s Churches Purely Reformed: A Social History of Calvinism. This book won the Philip Schaff Prize of the American Society for Church History and the Phyllis Goodhart Gordon Best Book Prize of the Renaissance Society of America. Simply solid historical work.

Our afternoon was a ‘family day’, as August Xavier likes to call them. We spent the remains of the day at the New York Botanical Gardens, taking in the Gingerbread Adventure and the Holiday Train Exhibit. Outstanding.

Sabbath was a Friday this week, rather than a Thursday, as fit the needs of my congregation. Prayers are requested for those who mourn, and those in recovery.

Oh, and I bought a new pair of black leather shoes  for $26 at a men’s store liquidation sale! 


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