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Sabbath Day

January 5, 2012


Working through a new collection of 14th century lollard sermons with my newly designed Exel database for words and images. Learning about conditional formatting. Found a sermon which will be featured early in my chapter 1.

Have written three pages this week (a page a day). Research today.

Lunch soon, and then back to work until sharing the whole evening with August Xavier. Had a new book delivered for him today which follows a year in the life of a castle (which is kind of like my chapter three, a year in the life of a 14th century preacher). Plan to read it tonight.

By the way – this ‘through the year’ will be visual, tactile and tasty over the next twelve months. Our family is now a member of the New York Botanical Gardens. We are committed to seeing every season in the garden together, and finally planting our own garden here in Westchester.

Days like this are good for the soul.

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  1. January 5, 2012 3:05 pm

    Oops. I missed lunch. Only one hour to go until school lets out.

  2. January 6, 2012 10:21 am

    An entirely satisfying day.

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