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Sabbath Plans

March 16, 2012

Well …

after a very exciting GreenFaith event on Sunday afternoon, I travelled to Charlotte, NC for the Stewardship Kalaidoscope with members of my congregation and presbytery. We were in NC from Monday through Wednesday, with our GP, The Rev. Dr. Susan Andrews, serving as an outstanding worship leader on Tuesday evening (she has agreed to preach a stewardship sermon in White Plains this coming Fall).

Today was not a sabbath, in any sense, but much involved in the work to which God has called me: a funeral service, the church newsletter, editing an Easter letter,  outlining my sermon for Sunday, meeting with the Pastor’s Housing Taskforce. Granted, the last three don’t sound like good reasons to violate my sabbath, but … timing, obligation and responsibility. Even Jesus violated the sabbath for compassion and neccesity.

As with other missed sabbaths, I recognize this as an obligation to God: not only for my own health and well-being but for that of the congregation I serve. While I have already missed four sabbaths this year, I made up one a week ago(that’s actually harder than keeping the sabbath). I will continue to seek opportunities to do observe the sabbaths past.

More on my Lenten reading discipline next week.

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  1. Grandma Leslie permalink
    March 16, 2012 7:44 am

    When we got back on Wednesday, I wondered about your Sabbath. Decided that, if your spirit was nurtured in Charlotte as much as mine, God would work it out for you. Sounds like he did. Praise God!

    (Not having your energy, I’m still struggling physically…but joy is propelling me through the week 🙂 I am planning for some Sabbath time on Monday.)

  2. March 16, 2012 7:45 am

    As a pastor you are in a tough space sometimes…. thanks for this message. Many blessings, Vince

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