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Sabbath Day

June 15, 2012

What a phenomenal day.

Managed an essay by Marilynne Robinson on liberality and the Reformed Tradition with my coffee. [More on this to come in another post…]

After taking August to school I headed to the Presbyterian Camp and Conference Center in Holmes, New York for a meeting with the Presbytery’s Self-Development of People team. I popped a 1977 Grateful Dead CD in the car and took a ride up the beautiful Taconic State Parkway. Windows down, a hot cup of coffee, and “feel good music, in my soul.” New York is a fabulous place to live.

At Holmes, Selma Jackson gave our team a briefing on Self-Development projects and goals. The ride home was equally enjoyable, if hurried. I skipped lunch (lunch is always great at Holmes) in order to get home in time to volunteer at the George Washington Elementary School Field Day. August was so thrilled when we told him last night that we were coming: “My parents are helping at Field Day! My parents are helping at Field Day!” he sang while clapping his hands. The games were a blast. I met a good 30-40 of my son’s classmates by name.

Haceinda Azteca for dinner – sidewalk dining. Noelle read a story about Shakespeare to August at meal’s end.

After our early dinner, Noelle went to get a haircut while August and I headed off on an “adventure.” We took the Bronx River Parkway south. [North of White Plains it is the Taconic Parkway, South of us, the Bronx River Parkway.] We found a place to pull over and hiked off on a bike path. We crossed the river on a footbridge and then headed into the “wilderness/jungle” of a foot path. These are the best of times. Fear, adventure, the unknown. Father and Son. We climbed down to the water at one point and August asked me, “Dad, why is it so much fun to throw rocks into a river?” I said it was a good question … and then we simply had fun throwing stones.

On the way home, August displayed his obvious attention to my music by singing Grateful Dead tunes with me all the way: Aiko Aiko, Fire on the Mountain, Not Fade Away. And dancing in his seat, bobbing his head and air guitar. [SMILE]

Enjoyed an evening on our deck with good friends. August delayed going to sleep long enough that I fed him the words: “Mom, if you stay up with company after I go to bed, I will dream about Madeleine cookies.” Mom fell apart laughing. [this is how we teach children the classics]

Thank you God for food, family and friends; life, love, and liberality.

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