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Faith Sharing – The Least, Last, and Lost

June 19, 2012

Faith Sharing is a regular part of our worship of God at White Plains Presbyterian. The following testimony was shared by a member of the Stewardship Team on Sunday, June 17, 2012

My notes from the recent Stewardship Kaleidoscope conference record an exploration of Stewardship as the meaning of life…of living into the generosity of God…of being filled by his grace to overflowing with gratitude and responding with generosity. 

This understanding of stewardship is inspirational – and inspiring is a person in our community who epitomizes it:  Thor Harold Andersen.  Thor, married to Heidi with whom he is about to become a first time grandparent, joined our church in May, 1970.  Thor has long been a captain of one of our usher teams, served many terms on our Board of Deacons and on our Mission Commission.  But, other than “husband’, the titles he’s held do little to illustrate Thor’s love for, and generosity to, others.  Thor is an enthusiastic and dedicated minister to many, but especially to the least, the last and the lost. 

He has been our primary link to SHORE, an “all-volunteer, interfaith, not-for-profit housing organization in central Westchester” which began in 1985 and on whose Board he served for many years, providing our church diverse opportunities to help provide shelter and housing to homeless individuals and families. 

Thor has long been the face of our church with the Ecumenical Food Pantry and the Open Arms Shelter for single, homeless men.  It’s Thor who, mostly single-handedly, delivers the food we collect on our Communion Sundays to the Food Pantry.   Whenever we have a fellowship meal, it’s Thor who collects leftovers to deliver to Open Arms.   Not limiting himself to WPPC ministries, Thor has also delivered meals to the needy for Meals on Wheels.

It was Thor who brought to our attention The Lord’s Pantry, which serves over 2500 meals weekly to HIV positive persons and those with AID’s, their caregivers and families three times a day.  Having lost a major source of funding, The Lord’s Pantry is grateful to receive financial support from our church. 

Thor has also been the primary organizer over the years for Bingo nights and the annual Strawberry Festivals at Kingsley House.   From shopping for fruit to providing (and leading) games and prizes, Thor puts heart and soul into these fellowship opportunities for Kingsley House residents.

Although, Thor may not want to testify to his stewardship, he’s always ready to talk about how you can join him in these ministries.  We are blessed to have him in our midst.

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