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Sabbath Day

June 22, 2012

My Sabbath began with a couple of hours with one of the key secondary sources for my dissertation: Images of the Medieval Peasant by Paul Freedman. Methodologically we share a good bit, and we cover some of the same ground. This review is preparation for my week of writing coming up soon.

I did spend several hours at my office finishing the bulletin for Sunday, preparing our capacity for online donations to the mission and ministry of the church, the docket for next weeks council meeting, and assorted other things. Had an appointment, but it was cancelled on account of the heat.

O yeah, it was hot yesterday.

Watered the garden and poked around with my sermon. I posted a question on facebook: “When you think of David, the shepherd boy and king of Israel, what story come to mond first? DON’T THINK, JUST ANSWER!” The result will be in the sermon on Sunday. (Feel free to leave YOUR answer as a comment below).

Concluded the day by accompanying six other folks from the congregation to a talk being given by Professor A.J. Levine of Vanderbuilt University on the most common mistakes Christians and Jews make about one another. Prof. Levine has just edited The Jewish Annotated  New Testament.

So … since the sabbath involved quite a bit of church related stuff, and since I will be on a week long mission trip next week and so not have a sabbath, I have a shortened day today. Took August out to breakfast to celebrate his final day of school, and then played with him on the playground before the doors opened. Just finished popping and squishing leaf miner eggs on my Swiss Chard in the garden, and will soon settle into sermon writing. But this afternoon we are all going swimming with The Rev. Peggy Howland. The Rev. Peter Nimmo returns to us this evening. And August is off to Chicago tomorrow morning.

Days full of good stuff.

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