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Jacob Purdy House Dedication

June 30, 2012

On Saturday, June 23, the White Plains Historical Society dedicated the newly restored roof over the Jacob Purdy House.  Belonging to patriots Jacob and Abagail Purdy, who are buried in our Church Yard at the Presbyterian Church, this house was home and office to General George Washington twice during the War of Independence. We were blessed to have direct descendants of the Purdys participate in the dedication.

I offered the following prayer of invocation on the occassion:


O God of time and space

God of history and this particular place,


we thank you for all the gifts

that have come together to restore this building,

the Jacob Purdy House:

the craft and art of many hands,

contributions of money and material,

labors of love and commitment.


They bear witness to the power of our past,

honor those who came before us.

and commend our city and its historians.


As we dedicate this new roof,

bless the work of our hands

that this place may offer welcome

to many and diverse people,

that all who come here

may learn of our past:

stories of courage, bravery, sacrifice, justice;


And in learning of our past

become better citizens

of our present and future. Amen


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