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Sabbath Day

July 6, 2012

I cannot set aside the profound sadness and disappointment I feel for my churches General Assembly today, but I need to record on my sabbath blog that I had a very good day dissertating. My sister took my son shopping for his birthday, designed a birthday cake for him, and then took him to the beach. This was the day I have needed for more than a year in order to cut through the writing/research stall. Chapter One is well on it’s way to a rough and ugly draft. Thank you Alane.

Perhaps pausing to pray every ten minutes for the Presbyterian Church (USA) helped the writing process?

We had a small birthday party tonight … and then the maddening evening of watching the assembly of my church muck itself up.

I am continuing to pray, with gratitude for all those who work so hard to advance the peace, justice and hope of God’s reign.

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  1. July 6, 2012 8:45 am

    Hooray, hooray, hooray for the good writing day and the rough and ugly chapter 1 draft!! Yes, mini-breaks do indeed help the writing process. (I resorted to computer games — prayer is more productive!) The PC(USA), the dissertation and life in general benefit from regular pauses for prayer.

    Very glad the birthday beach day was enjoyable.

    I came in late to the GA live feed so wasn’t sure what was happening last night. What was happening last night?

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