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Sabbath Day – August’s Birthday

July 12, 2012

Last evening, our family had a special birthday dinner on Mamaroneck Ave. Afterwards, August and I took in the Wednesday evening “Concert in the Park” in downtown White Plains. This is a summer mid-week tradition. Following the music and dancing, we watched the synchronized music and fountain show. (Mom was shopping for gifts). Just before bed I took a long, last look at our five year old.

When our six year old woke up he decided he wanted to spend his birthday at The Cloisters, the medieval collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is one of his favorite places in the city because it is a castle and full of knightly, monastic and chivalrous stuff. Today he tried climbing the portcullis just like Robin Hood. We also discovered that on my birthday weekend there is going to be a medieval fair.

When we left the Cloisters, the next stop was the New York Botanical Garden. (I should mention that I took in the hour long garden tour at the Cloisters, making this a theme for the day). This summer the special display is Monet’s Garden, complete with impressionist paintings and poetry.

August stood on bridge just like the artist’s, and engaged the water lilies, so often painted. August likes to imitate and reproduce famous paintings. I guess we will have to find his Monet book (or go back another day to get the exhibit book). August has already said he wants to go back again.

When we got home, August wanted to battle with his new weapons (courtesy of the cloisters). After the battle – which he won – we did a little gardening of our own. We snacked on fresh beans and zucchini from the garden while mom picked up Indian: chicken tika, basmati rice and naan – his favorite.

We ended this very special day with a movie, a cake in the form of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, by request,  and gifts (not to mention staying up four hours past bedtime). We are soon off to bed for reading and sleep.

Happy Sabbath.

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