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Sabbath Day – A Week Late

August 2, 2012

I began blogging about my sabbath days a year and a half ago. I have missed some days of sabbath rest, or observed them in the breach, but I have always written about them. Last Thursday was, I think, the first sabbath day I have failed to write about.

It was a very good day, full of reading for myself and adventures with my son. The day was to end with my accompanying a high school student and two young adults to an anti-gun violence prayer vigil in Stony Point Presbyterian Church. However, just as we were about to leave that fantastic storm blew upon us. Moments later I got a call from Noelle saying that the large tree in our front yard had fallen and we had dancing power cables dancing in the street. We cancelled the trip to Stony Point and I headed home.

The response of the White Plains Fire Departent, police, and Con Ed was great. Our street had power again within a couple of hours (though it took our house 24 hours). The City removed the tree the following morning (or at least what had fallen across the road). And I did not have the internet restored until Monday. THat same day we tok down the rest of the dying tree.

So, no blog post.

Today was spent sleeping late, finishing a historical novel, and having lunch with Noelle to talk about child development (normal yardsticks for our six year old). I then spent many hours in the Local History Room of the White Plains Public Library reading about the early days of Westchester and White Plains. Then moved to Starbucks where I quickly read half of John Rosch’s 1936 Historic White Plains. Rosch was an internationally famous photographer who also served as City Historian from 1935 until 1942. Nuggets from this and the many other books I am compiling on local history will appear as “Heritage Facts” (or some such name) in our worship bulletins through the next three years. If you are local, watch for them in September!

Had two thoroughly enjoyable conversations and watched a vision begin to take the form of commitment. Then returned home to hear all about August’s day and to put him to bed.

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