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Sabbath Day Shalom

September 14, 2012


Up early.

Walk to school.

Three hours of reading and coding my dissertation.

Lunch with Noelle.

Top roping and bouldering with my climbing partner.

Pick up at school with an hour on the playground.

House cleaning, etc.

Late night play date with two boys from church. Sweetness.

Early to bed.

Ok, that was the sabbath day yesterday. Completely satisfying in every way. Much like last week, if felt well rounded, although I need to get more done on my Sabbath toward the dissertation if I’m gonna finish this thing.

But I must include, in my sabbath reflection on rest and relaxation, something about our tradition of Friday night as Family Night, or Family Movie Night.

After delicious hamburgers and grilled asparagus which Noelle made, we all three curled up on the couch to watch Alamar, a film by Pedro González-Rubio. I had never heard of this movie about a six year old boy who leaves his home with his mom in Italy to spend a  summer with his Mexican father in paradise. The New York Times called it mythic. I found it magic. To have my son curl his arms around my neck as he laughed and giggled and thrilled to the scenes was heaven. [please do read the NYTimes review of the film, linked above; it is well done and brief, with a link to a clip. It is an on demand film on Netflix].

For 87 minutes we were poignantly peaceful – I felt like I had enjoyed a full summer vacation without the escapism that might otherwise suggest (the coral reef where the film was shot in endangered).

Certainly the best film I have seen in a while and a perfect family movie night.

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