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Sabbath Day – Boston / Harvard

September 21, 2012

This morning I participated in National “Dad’s Bring Your Kids to School” day. Of course, I bring August to school everyday, so nothing special there. But I did get a tour of his classroom and got to meet his teacher. He’s really happy at school.

Spent an hour writing an article for the elementary school newsletter about my experience gardening with my son. Will post it here as soon as it is published.

Then went to the gym to climb and boulder. Pushed myself until I go no further. Definitely feeling stronger and smarter each week. My one year gym membership started Saturday.

Took some time to do laundry, pack, read about fundamentalism and economics. Fed the worms. Then went to the church to finish the bulletin for Sunday.

The trip to Boston took less than four hours. Very little traffic, considering…

For the next two days I will be attending a conference at Harvard University. The conference is called “Preaching the Saints: Sermons, Art and Music in the Later Middle Ages” and is sponsored by the Medieval Studies Program. All the luminaries in my field will be there. Looking forward to the stimulation (if not two 10.5 hour days of lecture). Then it is four hours back home for Sunday.

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