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Sabbath Day

October 12, 2012

Got a nap today. This is becoming a sabbath habit.

Had a good workout in the gym. Stressed the tendons in my right arm. Must be careful.


Finished reading the new book by Tariq RamadanIslam and the Arab Awakening. An important analysis, with cautious optimism, of recent events.

Ramadan is frequently hailed, using words of the Washington Post, as “a Muslim Martin Luther.” I was surprised at how often he makes me think of Reinhold Niebuhr. This is perhaps not surprising, as I have recently finished John Patrick Diggins’ Why Niebuhr Now? and am working through Charles Lemert’s Why Niebuhr Matters.  I will be thinking much about what Diggins calls Soul (verses “self”) and Lemert calls “the Protestant pulpit” (as the defining reference for Niebuhr’s social ethics) and the way Ramadan defines shari’a (the path of faithfulness to the higher goals of Islam). [I reference the penultimate question in the VP debate tonight on Catholicism and abortion]

Finished listening to Tolkein’s The Two Towers with August. This is pure magic. It is amazing to watch his imaginative universe expand so profoundly, and so ethically. Now … on to The Return of the King.

Thank you Martha Raddatz for an anyting but boring end to the day!

Way to go Joe.

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