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An Orange Sabbath Day

October 25, 2012

Today was Orange Day. Orange Day is observed on the 25th of every month when people of faith and conscience unite to say No! to violence against women and girls. 

The earliest post I read today on facebook was by Rita Nakashima Brock who noted that nearly half of females raped are under 18. Rape is believed to be the most under-reported felony crime, and even with that, the FBI estimates a third of all women will be raped in their lifetime, and about a third of girls are raped as children. Other friends posted similar statistics. 

First thing in the morning I had my sermon on gender violence and rape, “A Royal Violation,” published by Unbound: An Interactive Journal of Christian Social Ethics. The response has been gratifying. Please check it out, and while you are there please page around in the journal and consider ‘liking” it on facebook. There is always something worth reading, and there are currently may resources for doing something about gender injustice.

Throughout the day I watched colleagues, friends and family posting pictures of themselves wearing orange. I myself wore orange to The Cliffs. I spoke with the floor manager about gender violence as I purchased a new orange shirt from the gym, explaining why I needed to boost my collection of orange. I also shared info about the UN efforts with other climbers, including Evan, who took my photo.

My day outside the gym was filled with casual reading, an eye test (I am getting reading glasses), facebook while listening to some great music, posting an inspiring statement on stewardship, and a long walk. 

Orange Day is a Sunday next month. I have already decided that the week before I am going to distribute ( or have distributed) bags of Cheez-Its, my new offical snack for Orange Day, as a reminder to wear something Orange the following week. My hope will be to take a photograph of the congregation gathered in the chancel all decked out in Orange. 

And yes, for those who know me real well, that is The Complete Companion to Joss Whedon under the Cheez-It box. It has been a restful day. 

Happy Sabbath all.

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