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Sabbath Day – Unexpectedly Green

November 2, 2012

Every week for the past twenty months I have posted my plans for my Sabbath day or a report on what I have done. On the rarest of occasions when the day is missed, I try to write about how I will find that time elsewhere.

Well, Hurricane Sandy made a full Sabbath day an impossibility this week, obviously.  Four days on we remain without power at our house, which means we live by candlelight and huddled under blankets. It has certainly made writing difficult. But we sustained no damage to the house, we can cook on the gas stove, and there is heat and coffee at the church. We are very fortunate.

And because we are fortunate, we have also enjoyed our time off the grid. We are now considering taking a few days each month to shut everything off – power down everything and shut off the heat (or at least far enough down to be the same thing – I know off in winter is not wise). We will order a cord of wood and start using the fireplace. This is a whole different kind of Sabbath observance – one with deep roots, we know; but still new for us.

We are praying for those for whom this time is much more difficult. Those who need heat, phones, or a cup of coffee are welcome to come on down to the church.

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