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Sabbath Day – Power

November 8, 2012

Power returned to our house sometime around 7:00 this evening, after ten days in the cold.

We have spent the last week with a family from the church who have exemplified our congregation’s vision of “generosity and hospitality.”  Our family is very thankful for our time with their family.

Today was one of those perfect kind of days in ministry that remind me what a gift it is to be part of the church. Shoveling snow with our hosts, helping one another with children, a good meal. In the morning I buried a 94 year old member of the congregation who modeled courage and strength, self-confidence and self-giving. I later heard even more fabulous stories at the reception hosted by the deacons. In the evening I visited the newest member of the congregation, a little boy just 25 hours old, born seven pounds eleven ounces on November seventh: 7-11 on 11-7.

I have missed two weeks in the gym. This reminds me that I have failed to take five sabbaths this year – including today. I will climb tomorrow, and then get back to the dissertation.

That being said, I have found one gift from Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’eastern. I got more full nights of sleep when the electricity cut off the computer and forced me to read by candlelight! I will try to hang on to some of that.

May you all find rest in your lives.

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