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Sabbath Day

November 30, 2012

Each week I post a reflection on my Sabbath practice for the week. I generally take Thursdays as a day apart from tasks associated with my vocation as pastor of a congregation, to refresh, recharge and renew my spirit.

Peace be upon yours.

I did not post last Thursday for two reasons. First, it was Thanksgiving, a day I spent with my family. But secondly, my Dell mini – the computer on which I have done all of my work for the past five years, died. Dead. Gone.

So, yesterday I allowed myself to sleep in. I then cracked open my new Macbook Pro and spent the first half of the day getting acquainted with it. This is going to be fun. Suggestions for a new Apple user would be welcome.

In the afternoon, 30 clergy from all across Westchester visited the office of our County Executive, Rob Astorino, to register our dismay at his proposed budget which is balanced on the backs of the poorest among us. In particular, it greatly increases the cost of childcare for those who receive support from the county, and closes the door to new applicants. It cuts funding for the curators of our preserves, like Cranberry Lake and Greenburgh Nature Center. These curators not only care deeply about the earth and water below us and the air around us, but they teach this care to us and our children. And they teach by doing, and doing with. I also had the opportunity to drop off a petition to preserve these positions, signed by members and children from the congregation I serve.

As a moral document, this budget fails.

Early to bed completed a good day.

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