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Sabbath Day

December 14, 2012

Now this is what Sabbath should be.

For starters – the whole family overslept. No alarms. No panic. Just waking up naturally and (somehow) still making it to school on time.

Lots of dissertating today. The despair of the morning gave way to another outline this evening. Writing. Writing. Writing…

A bit of house-cleaning, holiday-planning with my spouse.

Went to the gym to climb with my partner in the early afternoon. A good, hard, challenging workout. Left with just enough time to pick up my son at school. As he came out the door he said to me, “I want to climb today.”

So, back to the gym I went for another two hours. I could not resist (my arms no longer felt like sausages) and back I up went too! Pushed myself hard today – and I am physically exhausted.

We tried a newly opened Mexican restaurant for dinner. Ech. We won’t be going back.

And then more dissertating. Chapter One now has a February deadline.

I’ve written five pages today.

At quarter of twelve I am still writing/reading/procrastinating.

In fifteen minutes I will be sitting in a theater for the premier of The Hobbit.

Re-Creation. Re-Newal. Re-Imaination. Restoration.

Happy Sabbath!




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