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Sabbath Day – Action Extra

December 20, 2012

My plans for my sabbath today included sleeping, reading, writing, and climbing. I got an abundance of all four.

But check this out. At two o’clock my wife dropped me off at The Cliffs in Valhalla where I climb each Monday and Thursday with a partner. I came early for our climb because I was planning to buy a new pair of prAna climbing pants.

When I arrived the place was crawling with film crew for a new movie, The Skeleton Twins, starring Bill Hader, Kristin Wiit, Luke Wilson and Ty Burrell. Can’t say anything about the film which isn’t already on IMDB, but my partner and I, along with some of the staff at The Cliffs, got to be “action extras” – no doubt blurry images ascending and descending the walls behind the actor’s dialogue.

Now I’ve only been climbing for six months. I go to work the problems. But this was a whole new kind of workout and an endurance test such as I haven’t had yet. After six shots my arms felt like steel and were repeatedly failing. If my partner and I appear in the final film at all, perhaps he’ll be seen holding me as I fall from the wall. Yep – more than once I came down flailing.

If you place your mouse in the center of the photo below, that’s right where I was doing my thing.

5_ Lead Prow

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  1. Janel Geary permalink
    December 21, 2012 9:22 am

    You have had more opportunities for being in the light of the camera, but the BIG SCREEN this time.

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