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Sabbath Day – Frustration

March 7, 2013

The day began with an argument. Over homework. August and I never argue over stuff like this. I suspect this is the cumulative effect of dragging him to too many late night church meetings this week. I owned up to my part in our general crabbiness. He was not mollified and denied that being tired had anything to do with the argument. We agreed to disagree.

Then, as we were putting on our coats to leave, we discovered that The Wonder of the Deep, our Beta fish, had died overnight. We’ve had The Wonder of the Deep for a little more than a year. He was, as August said, “part of our family.” Tears of anger turned to tears of grief. Off to school.

The only redeeming part of the day happened early. I wrote a nice blog post this morning reflecting on my Lenten sermon series and will post it for International Women’s Day tomorrow. Have had nice feedback on it.

Took our car to the shop. Five hours and $500 later it was returned, but the repair failed. So, back to the shop. We wait and see.

The five hours waiting for the car were spent watching our vacation plans fall apart. Despair. And a big waste of time.

No car meant walking to the school to pick up August, and the car’s continuing absence means walking to school and church in the snow tomorrow. Frustration.

And no car meant missing Octoberfest (celebrated on the first Thursday of each month). This is the first time we’ve missed our monthly potato pancakes in over nine months. More tears.

So we buried our fish under the bushes in the front yard, and August prepared a marker. Now, if we could just bury this day…

Oh yeah, and I’ve got cold.


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