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Sabbath Day – Green and Blooming

May 10, 2013


1. Slept in on a much needed rainy day. I love snoozing to the sound of falling rain.

2. Read books with August, who was home sick from school, and played Angry Birds Star Wars.

3. Still reading Rutherford’s New York: The Novel. Got as far as the Battle of White Plains.

4. When the rain stopped, I went for a hike. Three hikes, actually. Everything was so green and in bloom today after the storm. I hiked nine miles on paths, through mud, and alongside running, babbling water. The peepers came out at dusk.

5. Had Noelle remove a tick from my back. This is my second tick this year. Have persuaded Noelle that hiking in the Northeast is more dangerous than rock climbing.

6. Had a very sweet conversation with August about growing up before we said our prayers tonight.

7. Began a series of blog posts recording my visits to the more than 600 miles of trails in 180 parks, preserves, reservations, arboretums, and sanctuaries known as the Westchester 100. Today I completed my seventeenth hike – marking 67 miles of trail on 2700 acres of land.


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