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Sabbath Day Fail

May 23, 2013

I guess it’s the nature of work and where we are in the church year, but there was no day of rest this week. Too many things needing attention that could not wait. And when I hold them up against all the things that needed attention but have been forced to wait, I am saddened.

I guess that is part of what sabbath practice – as a success or as a failure – is supposed to confront us with.

What I would like to have been able to do (all other things being done) is to have taken a beautiful hike. So what I will do in lieu of actually observing the sabbath is to post photos from the second ten hikes I have taken over the last month as part of the Westchester 100. Here is a link to the first ten hikes.  Here is a link to the second ten hikes.

Not that I would have been able to hike anyway – we had torrential downpours and flash flooding all day. In fact, I was at our presbytery office at mid-day when a river appeared where a river is not supposed to be. Within minutes it was not possible to open the doors of the building lest the river come inside. It was pretty awesome to watch. I helped get a few things off the ground and then got out the door with several others to move our cars before they became boats. My joy of the day is that I was wearing my new Merrill Moab GTX Hiking Boots. As I ran through the river and immersed by boots in the brown water, though my pants were quickly soaked, my feet stayed warm and dry. The boots performed marvelously.


By the way, I purchased my boots on, which I accessed through a link on my church website. Because the congregation participates in the Amazon Affiliates Program, 4% of my purchase (or $5.28) was earned for the church. If you are inclined to shop online, please consider this easy way of supporting the mission and ministry of this spiritually alive, socially engaged, multicultural congregation.

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