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The Westchester 100: Hikes 11-20

May 24, 2013

In 2009, the New York – New Jersey Trail Conference published Walkable Westchestera marvelous guide to where to walk in this beautiful county where I live. The trail guides and commentary were compiled by Jane and Walt Daniels. Inspired by the book, the Westchester Trails Association created The Westchester 100, which involves hiking the more than 600 miles of trails in over 180 parks, preserves, reservations, arboretums and sanctuaries in Westchester County.

This is the record of my progress.

westchester cover violet

(11) Hike #4: Glazier Arboretum (Chappaqua)

Upon arrival one is greeted by a sign at the entrance to the arboretum that indicates that coyote live here and can be seen year round. There is an admonition to keep children close. Upon entering the first blue trail, I was perhaps two minutes in when I startled a rabbit, who in turn startled me.  The orange trail was a vigorous hike – good cardio workout. But having the companionship of running water almost the entire time was very peaceful.

Mount Kisco-20130506-02283



(12) Hike #45: Whippoorwill Park (Chappaqua)

Up and down. Up and down. Very helpful signs about the trees throughout the park.




(13) Hike #52: Croton Point Park (Croton)

I will return to this park again and again for picnics and reading. Magnificent views of the Hudson.




(14) Hike #94b: East Irvington Nature Preserve and Halsey Pond (Irvington)

I took a Knight for a walk around this Scottish Loch (Halsey Pond). We discovered an ancient castle and defended it with our lives.



and Hike #96b: Ridgeway Nature Preserve and White Plains Greenway (White Plains)

Pleasant and local.




(15) Hike #38: Rockwood Hall (Sleepy Hollow)

Everything was so green and in bloom today after the storm. I hiked nine miles on paths, through mud, and alongside running, babbling water. The peepers came out at dusk. A good sabbath day.




(16) Hike #2: Buttermilk Ridge, Glenville Woods, Tarrytown Lakes Park (Eastview, Tarrytown)

Another post rain walk, this one considerably more muddy. The pillars in this photo are an old Works Progress project marked 1933.

Mount Pleasant-20130509-02363



(17) Hike #5: Hart’s Brook Preserve, Ridge Road Park (Hartsdale)

Noelle and I walked Hart’s Brook Preserve on an earlier day. Ridge Road was my third post rain walk on this extended sabbath day. Many surprises on this little walk, including the tick which hitched a ride home on my back.




(18) Hike #87: Pelham Manor Shore Park and Glen Island Park (Pelham Manor & New Rochelle)

I took another extend sabbath walk today, visiting (almost) all the parks along the Long Island Sound between the Bronx-Westchester line and Mamaroneck. With another two walks I will have completed the shoreline. These first two parks look at one another across this little bay, and each gaze over at Long Island.




(19) Hike #88: Davenport Park and Davenport Neck Bird Sanctuary (New Rochelle)

I will certainly return to this park with August. There are no trails, but lots of rock for scrambling, perfect bouldering for a little guy like him. All with a view of both the Throg’s Neck and Whitestone Bridges.




(20) Hike #89: Five Islands Park, Premium Marsh Conservancy Area and Manor Park (New Rochelle & Larchmont)

Continuing up the shore from the Bronx to Connecticut. The discovery in Five Islands that I want to take August back for is the phantom ship. A series of rocks mark the outline of an old ship, long since decayed. But besides the outline, the rusted remains of the engine are evidence of the abandoned vessel.





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  1. Carla Lesh permalink
    May 24, 2013 9:32 am

    Wonderful photos and commentary of a wonderful project!


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