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Sabbath Day

June 20, 2013


1. Went out last night to see Stella Blues Band perform their first ever acoustic set. (Missed the first four songs because I was performing an emergency removal of a piece of glass from my son’s foot.) Notable was the presence of good friends Sarah and Will.

2. Slept in.

3. Read history and drank coffee.

4. Picked up August at noon on his second to last day of school. His back pack was extra heavy because it contained the contents of his desk. Was honored to have him read to me his entire writing folder, including the 40 pages on which he has been re-writing and illustrating The Hobbit.

5. Spent the rest of the afternoon hiking and climbing with August in Rockefeller Preserve, Pocantico, NY. We saw rabbits, turtles, fish, ducks, geese (and goslings), chipmunks, birds, and lots of deer.

Mount Pleasant-20130620-02758Mount Pleasant-20130620-02761

6. Picked up Chinese for dinner and brought it home for mom.

7. August declared Thursdays “Game Night” and proceeded to set out four games.

8. More reading, and off to bed.

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