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Prayer of the Day

June 25, 2013

It is the practice of the White Plains Presbyterian Church to lift up specific prayer requests during worship: those who would like to offer a prayer are encouraged to print it on a pink slip of paper which the ushers collect during the singing of our second hymn. What follows is a typical prayer of thanksgiving and intercession, offered this past Sunday by the Rev. Sarah Henkel.

To God our Provider,

We give thanks for this opportunity to offer our gifts as a community.  We pray that these gifts continue the unfolding work of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

We praise you God for shaping the journey of our lives:

For your willingness to speak to us, to call to us and to use us as prophets of word and actions… We give you thanks.

For providing nourishing hope out of nothingness when we are afraid, depressed, and longing to be fed…We give you thanks.

For providing opportunities for rest when we feel we can go no further…We give you thanks.

For giving us strength to continue following your call to justice though many obstacles may try to block our path…We give you thanks.

God speak your joy and comfort into the prayers lifted up by this family of faith:

We pray for Syria and all nations at war.

We pray for Brazil where tens of thousands gathered in the streets this week to protest a broken economic system.

We pray and we act for transparency in the Transpacific Trade Agreement.

We pray for our nation: forgive us, heal us, and use us as blessing.

We give thanks for the welcome we are able to offer to Eloram and Annick as they make a new commitment to this body of faith.

We pray for all youth and children, especially those who travel to summer camp in the coming weeks.

We rejoice with Erica and Jackie who joined together in marriage yesterday.

We pray healing, comfort, and strength for…

– Lynn having back surgery this week and for all who are preparing for or recovering from surgery.

-a friend having heart problems, bless her physical and mental health

-Judy undergoing cancer treatment, Frank awaiting test results, Nicole and her continued good health

-a member asking that doctors agree on a treatment plan

-Beryl D.’s health

-a friend awaiting test results

-a sister who is going through difficult times with early dementia

-a husband who is traveling, thanks for a new job and new baby

-a loved one struggling with addiction, a friend mourning the passing of a sister, a friend struggling with separation from her daughter

-a friend needing affordable housing and for all in our community who need a place to live

-a son looking for work and direction

-one who is seeking work

-two daughters and a brother for their emotional and spiritual wellbeing

-protection for a son

God give us the strength to speak the new reality of your kin-dom into this world. And give us the wisdom and endurance to live out your call with committed action.  So that in all that we do and all that we say, a clear message of your unending love and perfect justice will be made known.

We pray in your holy name,


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  1. Maryann permalink
    June 25, 2013 11:36 am

    Pastor, thank you for keeping me connected. It is an honor to lift others in prayer.

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