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The Wetschester 100: Hikes 21-30

July 3, 2013

In 2009, the New York – New Jersey Trail Conference published Walkable Westchestera marvelous guide to where to walk in this beautiful county where I live. The trail guides and commentary were compiled by Jane and Walt Daniels. Inspired by the book, the Westchester Trails Association created The Westchester 100, which involves hiking the more than 600 miles of trails in over 180 parks, preserves, reservations, arboretums and sanctuaries in Westchester County.

This is the record of my progress.

westchester cover violet


(21) Hike #100a: Hudson Park (New Rochelle) and Hike #100b: Flint Park (Mamaroneck)

Neither of these parks appear in the Walkable Westchester, but are included in the Westchester 100 and for good reason. Hudson Park is directly across from Five Islands Park, and Flint Park is across the marsh from Hommocks Conservation Area. Hudson Park contains a lovely statue of Cristofo Columbus, donated by the Calabria Society, and this commemoration of the coming of the Huguenots to Westchester.




(22) Hike #90: Hommocks Conservation Area and Harbor Island Park (Mamaroneck)

We first walked around Harbor Island Park with our friends Julie and Jason a couple of years ago. It’s an easy stroll around the marina in downtown Mamaroneck – a lovely walk after dinner. Hommocks would need t be sought out, and brings one right into the marshlands south of town.




(23) Hike #18: Betsy Sluder Nature Preserve (Armonk)

I had driven by this little park a number of times and never noticed it, yet it was full of surprises. August and I hiked this preserve dressed as a knight and a dragon. At the top of the first real rise we came upon a small pond full of tadpoles with the very beginnings of legs. A path crosses the remains of an old cement damn, so we took our swords and played “Robin Hood and Little John.” Down the red trail we came upon tall rock for bouldering, and even found some charred sticks with which to do some “cave painting.” August was able to cross several streams (a favorite feature of hiking for him).






(24) Hike #24: Franklin Delano Roosevelt State Park (Yorktown)

On the way home from a regional church meeting in Holmes, NY, I had several important phone calls to make, so I stopped at FDR, conveniently located right off the Taconic Parkway. The wide paths through the woods and along the lake made walking and walking easy: a couple of miles accomplished all I needed on the phone, and I continued my way home.




(25) Hike #54: Irvington Woods and V. Everit Macy Park (Irvington)

Following a week of flash floods and heavy rain, August and I headed out for this uphill-downhill hike with stunning overlooks and sunset rocks. We encountered LOTS of running water, LOTS of mud, LOTS of puddles, and LOTS of reasons to leave the path. “This is amazingly fun” he said of our adventure. We have many reasons to come back and explore more parts of these twin parks: we never did find the Hermit’s Grave or the Macy Monument (it was getting dark and constantly threatening rain).

IMG-20130525-02594 copy



(26) Hike #19: Merestead (Mt. Kisco)

Merestead is simply Scottish for farmland, but the Georgian Revival style brick mansion on this property make this property unlike any other farm around. Trails connect this property to the Butler Sanctuary.

I took in Merestead as an evening hike just before sunset. The gate had already closed so I hiked in the back way, surprising a bunch of deer (who thanked me by giving me a tick). The Yellow trail disappeared into overgrowth in the woods, leaving me to find my own way (probably where I picked up the tick). Coming out of the forest and wetlands I stepped toward this hill just in time to catch the sunset.

The Copeland House puts together an annual season of incredible music at the Carriage House. I picked up a brochure at the information kiosk in the parking lot. Will certainly be looking into season tickets.

IMG-20130617-02719 copy



(27) Hike #59: Rockefeller State Park (Sleepy Hollow)

August and I spent a whole afternoon exploring this park. He came in full costume, complete with bow and arrow. The second photo below makes me think of Magua from The Last of the Mohicans. James Fenimore Cooper was a local author.

There are more than 40 miles of trails in Rockefeller State Park and nearby Pocantico Lake Park. They cannot be adequately explored in a day.

Mount Pleasant-20130620-02768 copy


Ossining-20130620-02753 copy



(28) Hike#16: Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary (Rye)

We made a family outing of this park in anticipation of a visit to Rye Playland. August reveled in the straight, clear paths and took advantage of them to race ahead (out of earshot). I had the role of chasing. August and I eventually ended up back at the guesthouse, but despite the fact that there are only 2.2 miles of trails, Noelle managed to get hopelessly lost and needed a rescue. Here is a rare shot from a moment when I was actually ahead of him.

Rye City-20130621-02778 copy



(29) Hike #26: Georges Island Park (Montrose)

Georges Island was the site of an African-American brickworks, evidence for which lies strewn around the paths (and is to be left in place). The park is part of the Hudson River Trail system (though the southern part of the trail past the Hospital was gated closed when I took this walk early in the morning). It is apparently a good place to spot bald eagles late in the afternoon. Peaceful and quiet in every way. Thick noisy mosquitoes (on the northern path) turned me back for to spray before setting out a second time. I usually just let myself get bit, but this was crazy.




(30) Hike #13: Oscawana Island Park, Graff Sanctuary (Cortland)

I also made a morning hike out of these this park and sanctuary. I crossed this river before passing over the railroad on my way to the river’s edge.




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  1. July 3, 2013 2:20 pm

    Lovely! Thank you for sharing!


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