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Sabbath Day

August 29, 2013

We have been home from our Lewis and Clark vacation less than a week. While away we had extensive talks about spending time outside in nature, and August really caught the camping bug. He wants to buy an RV, as well as a pop-up camper, and to buy more gear for our tent. He talks about the true “Spirit” of camping. It’s really fun.

So, since coming home we have been tenting in the backyard. (Last night being an exception because I was home too late to share bedtime with him.) It’s been a blast. We are inside again tonight, but will spent the weekend in the tent again.

Today was a boys day. Noelle was up early writing, so August and I began with board games in the bed, followed by a bit of wrestling, and then costumes and drama – pirates, deep sea divers, animal rescue, etc. We had lunch with Noelle, and then played legos for a bit.

Then off to Rye Playland to enjoy one of the final days of the season. Roller coasters, spinning rides, water rides, and games. August actually beat the odds on one of the “claw” boxes and brought home a quality stuffed cat – and it only cost $3. He was ecstatic. Dinner and ice cream in the park was a nice way to close out the summer.


Interestingly, while standing in line for the “Haunted Mill” ride, the man in front of us was wearing a t-shirt that said “On the Trail with Lewis and Clark.” Apparently he and his wife have biked parts of the route several times with friends, and had the t-shirts made for their trips. We had a nice chat about places we had each visited, and August and I walked away again feeling what an important thing we have done as a family.

On the way home we stopped at the library to borrow E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. We had an amazing evening curled up on the couch watching the film together for the first time. One of August’s babysitters has left a stuffed E.T. in our house over the last two years, and just this week gave it to August “for keeps.” So now he knows the emotional and exciting story to go with creature. For a long stretch he kept asking me “Is E.T. going to die?” and would not let it go. There was no way to answer the question, nor did I want to, so we held hands and grew silent as the doctors did their worst. After that it was shouts and joy and laughter until the closing scene. Entirely satisfying.

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