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Sabbath Day

September 19, 2013

Today was the annual “Dads Take Your Child To School” day. August and I rode our bikes.

Though I bring August to school everyday, it is still fun to share breakfast in the cafeteria with him and to walk him to class.  I got a glimpse of his daily routine after he kisses me and disappears into the building.

I then went home and fell asleep with a book in my hand and didn’t get up again until after lunch. I greatly needed that.

The afternoon was spent writing blog posts and re-organizing my thoughts for Saturday’s prayer breakfast and Sunday’s sermon. Since this is not what I am to be doing on a sabbath day, I offered to go get August after school. I then spent nearly two hours on the playground with him as he rode his bike and played with his friends.

After going home and getting through the homework, we all walked downtown to have McDonalds for dinner (gasp!) because McD’s is right next to the comic book shop. I bought August his first comics tonight. (He is quick to say that they are not his first comics, only his first new comics, because a few months ago I gave him some 30 year old copies of Iron Man.) I introduced him to the comic rating system and showed him what was appropriate for him. He was thrilled.

Bedtime involved August reading to his parents from Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Issue 17.

I am tempted to read and write tonight, and probably should, but I have promised myself eight hours of sleep.


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