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Sabbath Day

October 11, 2013

Because I am a pastor and ‘work’ on Sundays, I attempt to observe the sabbath each Thursday.  Sabbath Day is my weekly record of what I did with this day.

My sabbath began last evening with live music and dancing, courtesy of the Stella Blues Band. These guys were celebrating their fifth anniversary with a concert at Garcia’s in Port Chester. And they rocked the house.

As a result of a late evening, I began this day with a generous ‘sleep in.’

By noon I was enjoying a full pot of dark roast coffee and finishing a book by Bonhoeffer. I have just begun working my way through the 16 volume English translation of Bonhoeffer’s Collected Works. Today I finished his Discipleship (Volume 4), a book that was very important to me in high school. Jesus’ call to simple obedience, and the way of life described in the Sermon on the Mount, moved me deeply. That this was a revelation to Bonhoeffer in the midst of Nazi Germany was the Word of God.

Only today did I get to experience the full impact of Bonhoeffer’s wrestling with scripture and the divine call: almost half of Discipleship has never before appeared in English. It was as if I were reading Bonhoeffer again for the first time. – which I was.

I also spent some time singing my way through Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal, which we introduced to the congregation last weekend. I am immensely impressed, and will blog about that on another day.

After school, and the obligatory time on the playground, I took August grocery shopping, and together we prepared dinner. I taught him a simple recipe for BBQ pork chops, and he made the whole meal.


After dinner, we carved our Jack-o-Lantern and placed it on the front porch. Bedtime involved ghost stories written by a local White Plains author in 1965.

Our evening was spent in front of the fireplace with our good friend Natalie, from Australia. She has been staying with us for several days, and August is enamored with her. After he was asleep, we enjoyed warmth, wine and good conversation until far too late.

This has been a good week, and a good day.

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