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Sabbath Day

November 30, 2013

A weekly post to keep me faithful to the fourth commandment to keep the sabbath.

OK. No post last week, but I did enjoy me sabbath. My mother was visiting in anticipation of my trip to the AAR/SBL, and we spent most of the day house cleaning, or cleaning house. Lot’s of downsizing of the last twenty-years with of accumulation in the house. Had some personal matters to attend to so that we could spend Family Game Night at the bowling alley. A good day.

This week, the sabbath was Thanksgiving. A good time with family and friends, but too much time in the car.

And I ponder again. Most folks get a day off work when there is a Holiday. I work most of my Holidays, and get no extra time when the Holiday falls on a Sabbath (like Thanksgiving). Should I take my sabbath elsewhere? Does keeping the sabbath mean I take a day from my work at the church, even if I have to take a different day to make that happen? At times it feels like taking time away from my responsibilities at church, yet I know I have already “given back” at least two weeks of work by failing to take my sabbath, or all of it, this year.

What do you think? How do you do it, clergy or not?

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