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Sabbath Day

January 9, 2014

A Weekly Post on Sabbath Practice

I spent today cleaning the basement, with intermittent periods of reading. Uncovered photos from elementary school (and posted one to Facebook) and another box of letters from past girlfriends (which I will not post). Set aside some books to donate to the library, and other items to give to friends. I also prepared a box of “surprises” for my nieces and nephew. Over lunch I puttered around on searching for new clues to my family history.

Throughout the day I read a few essays on St. Paul’s epistle to the church in Corinth, perused a biography of Levon Helm, digested a few articles on climate change,  and contemplated an address to “the church in exile in Paris” by Giorgio Agamben. Was pretty much bored with everything else I picked up: my heart was really in the cleaning.

I also made my first post to craigslist (books) and am anxious to see how that turns out. I have a large number of tools that would love a home where they can be useful – that will be a next project. (Anyone interested?)

This is my class photo from fourth grade. I’m the guy wearing a suit! I am AMAZED at how many names I remember. Anyone recognize these folks?

4th grade

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