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Sabbath Day

February 1, 2014

For three years now I have posted an account of my weekly sabbath day, keeping myself accountable to rest from labor as God has instructed

Today I slept in. I mean I really slept in, almost to 11:00. It is an not altogether rare, but certainly a cherished, treat. I needed it. At the close of the day I would also retire about three hours earlier than usual. If I can keep this up, perhaps I will shake this persistent fatigue I am experiencing this winter.

While awake I read another Brother Cadfael mystery (as I did last week) until it was time to pick up August from school. He and I then took the car in for repairs (a new wheel, the old one being a victim of NY roads during this uncommonly cold winter). August did his homework in the repair shop, and then we  headed over to read at Barnes and Nobles and to pick up an action figure at Toys-R-Us. Back home we found that Noelle had left an amazingly delicious meatloaf for us in the oven before leaving for her evening meeting.

After dinner, August and I played Star Wars for a bit, and then laid down in bed to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Sleep.

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