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Sabbath Day

May 16, 2014

Each Thursday I write a Sabbath Day post as a way of staying accountable for my keeping of the fourth commandment.

Readers of this blog will have notice that I haven’t taken a full sabbath day in over a month. This is bad.

Here is how I spent my day today… As you will see I never got far from the church or my collar.

1) Woke up and read the newspaper with a warmed up cup of yesterday’s coffee. Was very pleased with the article “Spies Like Us: AMC’s ‘TURN’ Has a White Plains Connection.” Rich Liebson did a nice job with the history linking these two churches I have served. While Rich took a really nice photo of me, I wish I had submitted a photo of August in his George Washington Costume.


2) Delivered food to the food pantry and August to school.

3) Spent the morning standing outside the New York State Republican Convention with friends from church, from Hudson-Peconic Clergy for Choice and from Planned Parenthood (and many, many others). Inside our current county executive, Rob Astorino, was being nominated for governor, and we needed to register our objections to so many of his actions in the county and to warn the state and inform voters.



photo 2

Afterward we discovered the quaint Cobble Stone Restaurant in Purchase, NY and had a relaxing lunch. Cozy, comfortable, and good food.


4) Took a 20 minute nap.

5) Took a walk trying to clear my head for the sermon I must preach on Sunday. Had a smoothie at Starbucks.

6) Helped out with boxing in the new community garden at church – with Sarah Henkel, Cindy Limbird, and Will Summers.


7) Made it home before the rain.

8) Took August to swimming lessons.

9) Talked with my amazing wife about the message for Sunday.

10) A bit of reading.

11) Blog and bed.

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