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A Colorful Sabbath Day

July 25, 2014

Before God and this community I am accountable each Thursday for keeping the 4th commandment.


While my son August was in ecology camp today at Cranberry Lake Preserve (Valhalla), and my wife Noelle was working at home, I hiked my way through five parks and preserves in Vista and Lewisboro. I began at the Leon Levy Preserve, a well cared for local park with challenging terrain and beautiful ruins of stone buildings. I then worked my way south down 121 to the Old Church Lane Preserve, Onatru Farm [pronounced “On A True” Farm], and the trails behind St. Paul’s (Episcopal) Chapel. The latter is laid out as a meditative walk, complete with icons, niches and prayer benches. After replacing a faulty brake light at a local repair shop I wound up my afternoon at the Lewisboro Town Park, which opens into Ward Pound Ridge Preserve.

Today was a day of color. Bright green mosses and bold white lichens abounded, as did orange, red, white and indigo flowers and fluorescent fungi. Frogs, geckos, butterflies and musical birds were my constant companions.

2014-07-24 12.44.31


















2014-07-24 12.10.102014-07-24 12.36.25

2014-07-24 13.07.442014-07-24 12.39.32

2014-07-24 12.45.232014-07-24 12.04.28

2014-07-24 12.37.302014-07-24 12.00.06

2014-07-24 11.10.582014-07-24 11.02.27

2014-07-24 11.58.422014-07-24 12.44.192014-07-24 12.28.04

I spent the late afternoon at the White Plains Public Library planning the camping trip I am taking with August in two weeks. Noelle made a fabulous pasta for dinner with local, organic vegetables which we shared with a good friend who supplied genuine Kentucky moonshine from a distillery handed down through is wife’s family.

I should note (with deep, mellow, soulful joy) that the Grateful Dead have been my constant companion today, except when hiking. I have been working my way through fall 1970 and spring 1990. Jerry’s birthday is next week, as is my long anticipated vacation and wedding anniversary, and celebrations are planned for both.

All in all, this has been a satisfying, relaxing, restorative day. It took me six miles to work out my mental preoccupation with the church I serve and all that needs to be done there. By mile seven I was simply walking … and only then did I begin to “see in color.” I think this is a parable of sabbath rest. As in the photo above, I began to be able to look through the old in order to perceive the new which even now is growing.

Shalom/Salaam/Peace/La Paz.

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