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Sabbath Day 2015

January 9, 2015

It has been months since I have written a sabbath post.

It has not been months since I have enjoyed a sabbath; but they have been few and far between.

Let’s start 2015 right!

On New Year’s Eve my wife and I bought a cooperative apartment in White Plains. This was not only the culmination of an eighteen-month search, but the outgrowth of our values as a family. Our apartment is spacious compared to most apartments, but fully half the size of the house we have been renting for the last four years. (The reduction of our carbon footprint is significant!). This move will require downsizing (or right-sizing) of our accumulated stuff. It also requires the letting go of certain dreams: the suburban house, the private yard, the intergenerational inheritance of stuff, the storage of memories. It involves significant grief. At the same time our new home will highlight the art, literature, scholarship, music, shared space, simplicity and good food that are most important to us (which has been obscured by our save-it-in-case-we-might-need-it habits and our perpetually re-organizing lifestyle). Already we have established the practice of hospitality to which we have always aspired: each Wednesday we will observe ‘Friends-day” – we will invite guests to an open and shared table around a simple meal. Get it?: Monday, Tuesday, Friendsday, etc.

This is also our way of physically and financially sinking our roots into this community we intend to to call home for a good long while.

On New Year’s Eve we carried all of our camping gear over the the apartment and laid out our pads, sleeping bags, and camp pillows. We then walked ONE BLOCK downtown to join an anticipated 15,000 for the annual “ball drop.” The city band closed out 2014 with Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, and brought us into the new with Auld Lang Syne. We wore out snow suits for the festivities, dancing in the streets and shouting with the fireworks. We then walked ONE BLOCK back to our apartment and spent our first night in our new home.

2014-12-31 23.48.49


The first day of 2015 was spent exploring, cleaning, and owning our new space. By evening our son said that he felt like we had already lived a week in our new home. Awesome!

One week later, TODAY, I spent my time shuffling boxes from our house to our new home. This involved mopping the floors, bleaching the closets, unwrapping items that have been in storage for four years, and organizing the next phase of our family life. (I am doing the physical work: my wife is doing real work of transferring our car registration, financial records, bank-auto-pays, insurance, etc.).

I also got our car inspected today.

The end of this sabbath day was a fine combination of packing, family time, bedtime reading and thanksgiving. After the household was asleep, I had a few hours for reading, reflections and to write this post.

All God’s blessing on you as you enter this New Year.






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