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Injustice Requires Interruption–why Protestors needed to be on Michigan Ave

November 28, 2015

Exactly right. “Is your Christmas shopping more urgent than civilian shootings? Are you too busy for Black Lives to Matter? Then go on with your business… but don’t celebrate Christmas. Don’t celebrate the birth of Jesus. If you’re not interested interruptions, go on with your winter. Don’t let the birth of the Savior, the Advent of the Upside Down kingdom, the justice rolling down like a mighty stream, don’t let it disrupt your wishlist.”

gathering the stones

“Some of the most important moments in your ministry will happen in the interruptions,” a professor told me while I was in my first week of seminary. As I walked down Michigan Ave, speeding to keep up with the 15-year-old from my church, I wished I could say this to the shoppers around me.

Today, let yourself be interrupted. By God, let yourself be interrupted. I understand white Christians who are reluctant to take to the streets in protest–but I do not understand white Christians who justify the police’s murder of Laquan McDonald and find black anger “disruptive.” Injustice should be disruptive.

In some media accounts, the video of Laquan McDonald’s shooting seems to be the spark for this week’s protests. But this is about so much more than Laquan. The moment that interrupted my business as usual was last week, while I listened to a reporter describe the process…

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