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Sabbath Day – Science Fair

February 5, 2016

Those of you who watch my sabbath practice closely will have noticed that I missed my practice two weeks in a row because I was conducting funeral services. And though I posted a reading update yesterday, I did not actually say I had kept a sabbath day. I did. Though the day included laundry, reading, a bit of worship planning and running errands, my son’s S.T.E.M. Science Fair was the big item of the day.

He worked so hard on this project. For over a month he has been studying the health of the goats that he takes care of as a staff-volunteer at Greenburgh Nature Center. He would read, watch videos, and conduct interviews with goat experts to learn how to assess a goat’s health, and then add this to his regular weekly care regimen. He dictated and then edited a sixteen page report on his process, complete with his choice of photos and put it all together on a display board. He was very proud of his work – as were his mom and I.


He had to present his project to judges, teachers, students and parents during the school day, and again during the evening. Several other kids from the church participated as well. There were a number of very impressive projects across the spectrum of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) including both experimental and research projects. Though he did not carry home a prize, he has contributed substantially to the care of animals at the Nature Center, and made his boss there proud. Way to go, August. And congratulations to every child who participated and learned through this process.

Our family ended the evening (and my Sabbath) by playing 20 questions over gourmet burgers at the the Westchester Burger Company, around the corner from our apartment.


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