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Sabbath Day

April 21, 2016

This day had three parts, all quite different, each spent with different people.

The first was peace and quiet. Noelle and I headed out to the Larchmont Reservoir – James G. Johnson Jr. Nature Conservancy. We walked. We talked. We listened to birds sing and watched turtles swim. This week of warm weather has brought the trees to life. And I got to break in my new hiking shoes. 🙂

2016-04-21 10.29.59 copy

The second part was spent with August at the Greenburgh Nature Center, caring for the animals. August is a “Star Volunteer” and takes his job quite seriously. I watched him talk to a woman for 20 minutes today, sharing information about all the goats, sheep, chickens. He’s really good at this, full of confidence and care. We then stopped at the pet store to plot his new aquarium.

The final part of the day was spent with death and dying. First, the news of Prince’s passing. The internet is alive with beautiful tributes, one more moving than the next. So I was already weeping purple tears when I learned of a parishioner in the hospital. Then I was called about the shocking death of another. A few hours later, on my way home, I heard that my grandfather has begun to die. So much grief.

At the end of this day, I am grateful for the beginning. The beauty and vibrancy of nature alive has carried me through.

2016-04-21 11.17.35 copy


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