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Sabbath Day – Mombasha High Point

June 3, 2016

The first part of my sabbath day was spent day hiking another section of the Appalachian Trail, this time from Fitzgerald Falls to the summit of Buchanan Mountain, via the Mombasha High Point. First, I need to say that large sections of this trail are ridiculous. Just look at the path below, entering the woods again after crossing East Mombasha Road. I found myself singing “stony the road we trod…” with new physical appreciation.

2016-06-02 11.58.42 copy

The day hike outlined in my guide book moves from the falls to the high point. Neither were impressive, as the falls had just enough water to qualify as falls, and the high point was so obscured with tree leaves that I could barely make out the tops of neighboring mountains. The path, however, apart from being an ankle twisting maze, passed through the lovely Sterling Forest, and was filled with snakes, skinks, squirrels, and (it was reported by other hikers) bear. Seeking advice, I asked another hiker what he does when he encounters bear, and he sheepishly said “I usually reach for my camera.” Reassuring. 

2016-06-02 13.52.28 copy

Once I reached my goal at Mobasha High Point, however, I was inclined to keep hiking. Why not? So I began my descent and hiked over to Buchanan Mountain – even though as a day hiker I would need to retrace my steps back to my car. While these mountains were nothing like the five August and I climbed last week, there were some quite fun rock scrambles. This one is from the ascent of Buchanan from the West. 

2016-06-02 12.12.37 copy

I did meet several thru-hikers making their way from either Springer Mountain, Georgia or Harper’s Ferry, VA. all the way to Mt. Katahdin, Maine. We exchanged trail names and I said I would look for them in the Northeast registries later this summer. Other locals left half a dozen gallons of water and trail mix at one of the road crossings for thirsty trekkers. Trail magic.

In all, I hiked a little more than nine miles, and returned to my car in time to race home and see my son off the school bus. More tired than expected, I opted out of going to the Nature center with him and instead spent my time quietly: reading (Thoreau’s essay on Walking), showering, and .

After dinner, our family went to see White Plains Public School City-wide Art Show – on display at the Public Library. We went because one of our neighbors (and one of August’s playmates) had a piece selected, as did several of August’s friends. However, upon arrival we were surprised to discover that, unbeknownst to him, August had a piece selected for the show we well. He etched the print, inked, and produced the print. It’s a pot of noodles with a version of Piet Mondrian’s Boogie Woogie in background on left. He joins Noelle in being a fan of the De Stijl Art Movement!



All that, and early to bed, made for a good sabbath.


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