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Sabbath Day – The State Line

July 5, 2016

prospect rock

I’m catching up on my Sabbath posts. And my Sabbath days. With my wife and son out of town, I hiked my little heart out last Saturday on the border of New York and New Jersey, combining two hikes to cover some beautiful territory in the lower Hudson Highlands.

eastern pinnacles

I used the first part of my day to climb the Eastern Pinnacles and Cat Rocks, in the Highlands. This was a moderately easy 4 miles round trip, during which I broke in my new Merrills. The photo above was taken at the Pinnacles, with the Cats appearing as a small dot on the far mountain. Below, the view from Cat Rocks looking back half and hour later.

cat rocks

I continued on the AT and turned around when the hike met up with the parking area from which I had previously set out for Fitzgerald Falls and Mombasha High Point a few weeks ago.

With time on my hands, (and the next day’s sermon already written!), I drove south on NY 210 to Greenwood Lake Marina and climbed the rocky State Line Trail to rejoin the AT further south. I then hiked toward Prospect Rock, on the border between New York and New Jersey, about a mile north of where the Appalachian Trail meets the State Line Trail. From there I could see Bear Mountain 30 miles to the north, and to the east Manhattan rising faintly above the hills. I could see 360 degrees with majestic views of the distant Taconics to the east, the Catskills to the north, and the Poconos far to the west. Below lay the beautiful Greenwood Lake. (photo at top).



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