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Sabbath Day – Extinction

October 27, 2016

I was born in 1969. In my lifetime, nearly two-thirds of all wildlife have disappeared, according to a new study by the World Wildlife Federation. TWO-THIRDS! Wildlife populations worldwide are now one-third of what they were when I was born.

Just think about that for a minute.

You should not be able to unthink it.

I’ve known for some time we are living through a planetary sixth extinction, but still …

We are living through an apocalypse.

A slow motion apocalypse.

And it’s our fault.

How do you go to work when you are acutely aware of this?

How do you do anything?

And then there is this…


  • At least 26 school children were killed yesterday in Syria by Russian and/or Syrian forces (set in my mind against the photo this week of the Syrian boy and his bicycle standing in front of the hellish scene of a burning oil field lit up by ISIS, further fueling planetary death);
  • The Standing Rock protest is being forcibly cleared even as I write; this is a military invasion of sovereign nation for the purpose of resource extraction (which will fuel planetary death);
  • The evidence of our failing democracy yielding to oligarchy and corporate rule; and
  • The everyday challenges of family, finance, home, work, church and community.

I’m grateful for this dreary Sabbath day to think unfocused thoughts, to do laundry, to read some highly distracting books, and to cuddle with my son so that I can go back to work tomorrow with a sense of resiliency in the face of an ever diminishing future.

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