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Sabbath Day – Irish Postmodernism

January 16, 2017

This late post looks back to my Sabbath Day last Thursday, the 12th of January, 2017.

Though I got up early to read an dialogue between Richard Kearney and Catherine Keller, most of my day was a gift to my son (described below). Kearney is an Irish Catholic postmodern philosopher, developing a mediating hermeneutics of religion that finds grounds for a “possibilizing God” between the apophatic phenomenology of Jean-Luc Marion and the “messianicity without messianism” of Jacques Derrida or the theopoetics of John Caputo – all of whom oppose the God of ontological being. Kearney calls this anatheism – “the hermeneutic recovery of the divine after the death of the metaphysical God,” an idea he develops in a book of the same name. Keller is a process-feminist theologian who is in rich conversation with contemporary physics. Together, they bring of strong ethical focus to the postmodern turn to God. The dialogue took place in a Manhattan tea-room in March of 2014, and is published in Reimagining the Sacred: Richard Kearney Debates God, a collection of eleven such conversations, edited by Kearney and Jens Zimmerman.


A postmodern response to God with an Irish twist

That was my morning coffee. The rest of my day was spent cleaning my son’s room. It was an all-day project – Legos, Pokemon, books, blocks, the detritus of homework projects, art supplies, action figures, stuffed animals, building supplies, a tent, and an aquarium with nothing left living in it. At the end of the day, the floor could be vacuumed. As a result, he and I could (on Saturday) sort his unbuilt legos (or at least some of them) into master builder boxes for future projects. While working, my head was filled with philosophy from my morning coffee.

It was a beautiful day on Thursday, one I wish I could have been hiking on. It was in the high fifties on Jan. 12!!! But this project day has left us more ready to ride out the rest of the winter indoors, if need be. And joy, joy, from my son in appreciation. Worth it!

Happy Sabbath

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