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Sabbath Day – Little Things of Color

May 7, 2017

2017-05-04 14.21.19 copy

My Sabbath Day this week found me stir crazy, having suffered for a week with allergies and then a cold. I spent my morning reading a short work by J.R.R. Tolkien and my new book on contemplative theology (Blue Sapphire of the Mind’s Eye), and then I just had to be outside. Allergies be damned. So I dosed myself with antihistamines and headed out for a walk. 

This week I walked south of White Plains on the Bronx River Parkway, down to Scarsdale and back. It was a beautiful day in the low 70s, perfect for walking. 

2017-05-04 13.26.01

Parts of this path were renovated and landscaped just last year. Detritus from a recent river clean-up have been left at places along the path, an effective reminder of how carelessly people have treated the river in the past, and how ongoing work by the good folks at the Bronx River Alliance is required to keep it healthy. 

2017-05-04 13.28.25

Spring flowers were up everywhere, and I have way too many photos to post. But trees were also in bloom – some on the way to bloom and others already dropping flowers. In fact, by the time of this writing (a few days later and the day White Plains celebrates the Cherry Blossom Festival in the park behind our apartment) most the cherry blossoms have already fallen.

2017-05-04 14.21.02 copy

Greens were vibrant around the pond near the Presbyterian Church in Scarsdale, where my attention was drawn to an egret hiding in a tree, having fled there after being bullied by Canadian Geese.

2017-05-04 13.53.48

One great joy for the day was finding this little blue egg. It indicated that somewhere in the ecological neighborhood there was a new baby robin redbreast. I took several videos along the water, and the birdsong was bountiful and beautiful.

2017-05-04 14.15.14

If you’re looking for a walk near White Plains, don’t miss the Bronx River Parkway Path in the spring. 

2017-05-04 14.18.37

Much of the rest of the day was spent with my son building Legos, reading The Fellowship of the Ring, and getting to bed early. (Yes, I needed that too). 

Happy Sabbath

2017-05-04 14.05.24

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